Everybody lies at some point in their life. The only difference is whether your lie is damaging or a harmless white lie. Tell a Lie Day is celebrated on 4 April This is the day you get to tell a harmless lie without feeling too guilty about it. Now that you believe us, here are 10 instances of the most sensational lies on popular TV shows, series, and films streaming on ZEE5.

Karan says that he loves her but in fact he is only trying to get revenge on her. Karan knows that he is going to abandon Preeta the same night but he convinces everyone that he is in love with her and marries her! After failing to get a surrogate mother for the child, Kalyani decides to get pregnant herself which is quite risky because she is too young. She knows Malhar will never agree to put her own health at risk so she decides to hide the truth from him as long as she can.

Mahira and Sherlyn both want Preeta out of the house and are ready to do anything for it. They then lie to the Luthra family and say that Preeta was the one who did it! So he arranges for her to live somewhere away from him and his family. He lies to Guddan saying Antara is in jail. In the fight that follows, Guddan leaves AJ for four years.

In Posham PaShikha and Regha are two sisters who are sentenced to death. They are accused of being serial killers but Shikha convinces two documentary filmmakers that she is the innocent victim born into a family of crime. The documentary filmmakers realise that they have been lied to and manipulated by a serial killer only after it is too late. Virgin Bhasskar is the story of a porn writer who is actually quite shy and honest in real life.

He says what he means and is usually quite timid. He keeps his identity as a porn writer hidden until it threatens to ruin his love life. When his girlfriend, Vidhi, finds out that he lied about his job as a porn writer, she decides to leave him and find someone else. In Code MColonel Sooryavanshi wants to seem like he is doing his best to find out the truth about his soldier killed in a mission.

He hires one of the best army lawyers, Major Monica Mehra, to investigate the case. However he keeps lying to her and misleading her to derail the case and hide his own secret. In ShukranuInder is a man who has undergone a forced sterilization, which is why when he finds out that his wife Reema is pregnant he thinks she is cheating on him.Shrishti takes Karan into the hall. Prithvi was jealous of all the privilege he was getting. Shrishti announces Karan to be their real life hero who not only saved Preeta but all of them.

Prithvi was furious, Sherlin turns to go behind him in spite of her mother stopping her. Sanjana was now worried. Rishab comes to hug Karan and was proud of him. Karan says he was able to do everything today because he knew Rishab stood behind him. Sherlin gets into the car with Prithvi. He drives away. In the corridor, Sarla comes to Karan. He was hurt as she places her hand over his shoulder. Sarla was thankful to Karan for all the respect and favors for her daughters. Rishab says she is family.

Sarla blesses them both with prayers. Sameer and Shrishti stood together. Shrishti thanks him for not doing anything in the whole fight.

Our Pick Of 10 ‘Liars’ On Shows Like Kundali Bhagya & Tujhse Hai Raabta On Tell A Lie Day

She suggests him to join a gym and tone his body like Karan, and prepare himself mentally like Rishab as well. Sameer says the goon placed a gun over his forehead, he could have died. Shrishti warns him not to speak about death again, else she will kill him. Sameer thinks he can never understand what she does or speak. Jagga tells Prithvi that they reached the party and found the doors already locked. One of their men asks if Prithvi attempted to beat them.

They make fun of Prithvi for being beaten in return. Jagga feels pity for Prithvi. Prithvi thinks that all his plan was ruined today, Sarla must have begun to like Karan again now.

She only spoke of him now. Abhi was furious and announces his verdict decisively. They ask Pragya to take their favor, Pragya says she was already scolded. Disha lets go of it. Abhi thanks her for understanding him. Disha breaks into a cry. Abhi goes downstairs and come in dancing with a drum beater and some girls. Sarla apologizes Purab for not being able to come to the party.

Kundali Bhagya - Episode 271 - July 24, 2018 - Best Scene - Zee Tv - Hindi Tv Show

She excuses Abhi as Bee ji and Janki are both unwell. Abhi reminds that Sarla promised him, Sarla says their younger son in law, Prithvi is also coming home. Abhi allows Prithvi in the party as well. Bee ji speaks to Abhi and says Sarla has done all the excuses she had.You may unsubscribe at any time.

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Our Pick Of 10 ‘Liars’ On Shows Like Kundali Bhagya & Tujhse Hai Raabta On Tell A Lie Day

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kundali bhagya episode 168 zee5

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kundali bhagya episode 168 zee5

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Patiala Babes

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